Black and Cream 1912 Wrap

Black and Cream 1912 Wrap

In March several friends and I went to see the Titanic Exhibit at the Franklin Institue downtown. First let me say the exhibit was exceptional! I highly recommend you see it.

I re-wore a dress I made last year for the Dress U titanic dinner but I was worried about being cold (and apparently was right to worry!) so in the week before the exhibit I whipped up a quick wrap. And I must say it’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. The optical illusion created by the waistband and sleeves is very flattering.


On the stairs at the Franklin Institute

I used some luscious black wool that my friend Alice gave me for christmas and picked up some casa satin from Jo-Ann’s for the lining. It’s a poly satin but it has a very dull sheen so it almost reads more as a sateen. I was really happy with both materials.


So you can actually SEE the wrap…I just think the 1st photo is more flattering and hey it’s my blog!

The pattern was heavily inspired by this wrap on the Vintage Pattern Lending Library site unfortunately I couldn’t figure out if it was still for sale or how to buy it. So I stared at the pictures for a while, pulled out some muslin and just kind of futzed till I got something that seemed right. I have to say I’m very pleased with the result.


The all important back view


K and I in the first class hallway.

titanic group_w_jess

The best part! We got to take a group photo on the grand staircase! (well they took it and we paid a stupid amount for it but I’m still excited)


The very best part about this wrap is that I have now worn it not once but TWICE to a friend’s bridal shower and to a wedding last weekend. It looks remarkably well over a modern dress. I call it a great success.




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  1. Robin
    I enjoyed your blog, was reading Victoria’s and noticed yours. Very interesting. Wish you were here as I am on the board of a Historic Home here and at the moment we are sorting clothes that have been decommissioned from our collection. You & Victoria would find them interesting. Mrs. H


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