Alices Attic: Black Lace Mantle

Alices Attic: Black Lace Mantle

I don’t really know what this funny little wrap-thing was I’m going with the overly generic mantle. Once again being modeled by the ever amazing Mandie.


The mantle closes with hooks and eyes up the center front. It has no side panels just points down the front and back. The “sleeves” are lace but as there is nothing under your arm there isn’t really an under-arm seam. It originally had an elastic waist band that we think closed around the waist to pull the back panel tight to the body. But somewhere in it’s history someone tacked it up into the back.

I’m very interested in pattering this one as it’s relatively one-size-fits-most. I was able to wear it with no problems and I’m easily twice Mandie’s size. I might add a wee bit of width to the center front and center back.

As before if you know anything about this garment specifically or have questions please ask! I can always invade Alice’s house again for more photos.


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