Alice’s Attic: Gauze Dress

Alice’s Attic: Gauze Dress

I know I should be blogging about the marvelous party I was at this weekend but I’ve decided to fix my shoulder issues in my new anglaise and then take new photos before I blog about it….but in an effort to not totally neglect this blog I give you the next installment of Alice’s Attic.

I thought I’d take a break from all the black on black (don’t worry there’s more coming) to take a look at this lovely 1910’s gauze gown. It’s a very delicate ivory fabric with some beautiful embroidery.


Once again Amanda was kind enough to model

This dress we didn’t even know was there till Alice went to check that there weren’t in fact MORE things on the bed…and oh look there were! It has some seriously interesting fastenings. The front has beaded tassels that hang from fabric pieces that cross over the body and snap at the waist line. The tassels themselves look like some bizarre macrame project.

I would love to hear if anyone had any idea what the beads are. They feel like some kind of early plastic, but I don’t think they’re bakelite as they don’t have the formaldehyde odor when you rub them that bakelite usually has. Perhaps celluloid? This is outside my area of expertise.

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