A tea in Riverton

A tea in Riverton

Amanda, Alice and I were supposed to go to Ft. Mifflin in NJ for civil war days on Saturday…but it was 95 degrees…so we went with plan B. A tea room! And since the 1860s requirement was lifted several more people joined us for our impromptu tea.

Look at our fluffiness!

Look at our fluffiness!

I thought there was no way I would finish this dress in time but shockingly I did, without even sewing after work on Friday!

All the hoops together

All the hoops together

I realized in the car halfway there that I never did hem my skirt…oops. But it was for the best as my friend Victoria joined us and she’s much shorter so she needed my round hoop and I wore my elliptical hoop that’s longer. So my gown needed as much length in the front as possible!


finished dress

The bodice is made from swiss dot left over from my chemise a la reine. I used the Truly Victorian 440 for the bodice to save time, I gathered instead of darting the sheer layer. I realize in looking at photos that I wish I had made the sleeves much shorter, They’re so long and wide.  I also think next time I wear this I’ll add a collar at the neckline, I think it looks more finished that way.

But most importantly I started this dress on Monday and wore it on Saturday! Not too shabby.

This is my listening face

This is my listening face

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