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Some regency stays

Some regency stays

I have not one but TWO pairs of regency stays to share with you. The first pair I made for Madame Kat’s Pride and Prejudice Tea last month.


Please don’t mind Polly’s Falsies. She just doesn’t lift the way I do.

 I used the 1804 stays from Jean Hunnisett’s Period costumes for the stage and screen with only a few minor tweaks. Things I’ve learned:

  • Paint stir sticks are a weeeee bit too short as busks. But it’s still working for now
  • Cording under the bust makes a HUGE difference
  • The hip gores in the pattern are for someone who has more of a curvy shape than I, but I’m not redoing them :-p
  • You don’t need all the bones the pattern calls for, I only put three on each side.
  • If you use thin quilting cotton on the outside you will see your busk and your hemp cording through it, oops.
close-up of gores and cording

close-up of gores and cording


The second pair of stays I have to share with you today were a pair I made for Judy of Learning to Costume. They are finished more nicely than mine because I’m kind of neurotic when sewing for other people. Her’s are made with a layer of cotton duck and a muslin lining. Machine sewn with hand finishing. I started with Simplicity 4052 and added a few things. I put in a diagonal bone on the sides to help lift the bust, as well as my new favorite thing, cording under the bust. Jennylafleur has great instructions on how to insert the cording on her website.


She’s so much smaller she doesn’t fit my dress form. So extra thanks for her modeling them for me!